Monday, March 1, 2010

Cafe Lalibela

If you like ethnic food, Cafe Lalibela is one of the best I have found in Tempe. They serve Ethiopian cuisine. All joking aside, their dishes are filling and reasonably priced. I took my wife there for her birthday last week. She had a mild platter and I ordered the manager's special. The dishes are served on a kind of sourdough tortilla. Umm, that's not right. It's round like a tortilla and soft. To eat, tear off a piece of the bread and scoop up the beef, chicken, lamb or whatever to carry it to your mouth. No utensils, not even a spork! The spicy dishes could have been hotter, but that's just my taste. I loved the mango juice. One day, I'm going to try to order dessert there. I've heard the tiramisu is especially good. I never get to dessert because I'm just too full!