Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Huzzah for the Ren Faire!

I spent the best Monday in a long time all day at the Arizona Renaissance Faire! We usually get there before it opens, and stay until they have to kick us out. We were a bit late this time (had to get the kids ready.) I'm so glad we have a van, now. We wanted a Honda Odyssey, but they are out of our price range so we got a gently used Nissan Quest. Wife loves the sliding doors on both sides - but I digress. The Arizona Renaissance Faire is 30 acres of music, dancing, crafts, shows (three jousts during the day!) and shops. The web address is http://www.royalfaires.com/arizona/. My favorite shows are three: The Carillon by Cast in Bronze is a set of church bells played like an enormous organ. Sit in back to protect your ears. Zilch the Toreysteller http://www.torysteller.com/ tells well known stories with spoonerisms. You know, spoonerism named after Rev. Spooner who... look him up, it's fascinating. I attended Jomeo and Ruliet but missed Tairy Fails, sigh. Last but not least - Hey Nunny Nunny. They had some new material this year, Huzzah! Loved the pearly gates joke. I told it at work today and was told I'm lucky my audience didn't have his gun on him. I'm sure he was joking... Anyway, after the faire we went to Organ Stop Pizza. Yum! The organist played Phantom very well, as he always does. By then our kids were on their last legs and our dear friends had to leave as well. We have a set of friends I feel close kinship with. They are all of them very unique. A perfect fit for the Faire!