Sunday, January 24, 2010


So the rain has stopped. I knew it would. Rain is a guest in arizona and, like all good friends, it know that guests are like fish...
... After three days they begin to stink.

My tomatoes have sprung to life, leaping from the moist earth in slow motion. They were in their peat pots on a sprouting tray on top of the fridge (it's warmer there.) I checked the other day and none were apparent. Today they are almost two inches tall. I set them outside for some sun while I turned vermiculite and peat into the cement mix we call dirt here in the valley. My cement - I mean dirt is better than most. It has for a decade been augmented like the borg, only with sulphur, sand, and manure instead of lasers and such. Whilst unattended, the seedlings were disturbed. Sigh. I tell myself the children will learn. I'm sure they will, after they move out! Only one seedling looks like it may perish, the rest stand tall.