Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slippery When Wet

Still it rains. This is good for my garden. I just planted luffa, carrots (Thumbelina carrots because I'm out of the regular kind), tomatoes and pease to add to the other pease, spinach, lettuce, beets and peppers. Funny story about the Thumbelinas: Last year, Wife was excited about the carrots looking so large and ready to pick that she made a big ceremony of the carrot pulling experience. We gathered round as she made comments like, "Oh this looks so big I may need help pulling it!" In breathless anticipation we watched as she firmly grasped the carrot top, steadied herself and - bink! The carrot, a demure sphere came from the ground as if eager to be eaten in one modest bite. Yes, Thumbelina carrots are well adapted to hard and rocky soil. Instead of penetrating into the tough ground, it sits teasingly on top of it - Looking to the whole world to be a regular spike of orange carroty goodness. This is but a facade - Like those fake bricks one may laminate their houses with. Small but tasty, we shall have them again.

The rain is, however, not so good for the Arizona drivers. Practice makes perfect, they say and the drivers here have NO practice driving in weather! I wish they would make public service announcements about this kind of thing, "Well folks, looks like rain is on the horizon. That means water will be falling from the sky and onto the roads. This makes the roads slippery, so slow down! The life you save could be your own. Oh, and for those unfamiliar with turn signals, they are used to indicate your intention to turn." Of course, the announcer would not be so snarky. Or maybe he would - what do you think?