Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prayer in Peace

We had lots of fun last night. The family went to a friends pool and played. I enjoyed the "hold your breath" contest. Restful. The wife and kids went home leaving me to help our friends move furniture. When Kim said the prayer over dinner, it almost brought tears to my eyes. No, really! It was the first prayer in AGES I could actually hear without "I wanted to say it" "She's saying it wrong" "Martin's not folding his arms" and the like. Prayers among adults are different than those with four kids. Then we talked about the latest finds on the internet. The French rock pop Romeo et Juliette was awesome. I think I would enjoy it just for the music but with the subtitles it is nice to be able to understand what they are saying. My French is not up to snuff though I do pick out the occasional word here and there. Dani drove me home and told me about Friendly Hostility, another webcomic. I'll check it out next I have the time.