Thursday, June 10, 2010

I, for one, LIKED Google's new look

The beautiful shades of green and blue, startling not only in their vibrancy but their context, surprised me as I logged on to Google early today. I wondered what the occasion was. Google has often used Easter Eggs to celebrate holidays and momentous anniversaries. One such recent anniversary celebrated 30 years of Pacman. The Pacman Easter egg is still available at This photo of islands was a surprise take as it filled the search screen instead of being contained by the logo as was the usual case. Later, at work, I had occasion to use Google again - and there was a new picture, this one of glass floats in a lily pond. I noticed the option to change my backgrounds if I logged in and made my final decision: I like it! To my dismay, returning to Google later brought only the classic white background. What happened? Evidently, I am in the minority. Most others thought it too 'Bing,' a correlation I did not make until it was pointed out to me. While Bing is useful, I still feel Google is best. I enjoy the memorable graphics, Easter eggs, and of course the versatile search options Google supports. Experiment away, Google! Never fear to innovate. (Just let me have my privacy.)